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His creator made a pact with devil to save his daughter?

Since 1976 he obtain the author and know is a very know worldwide. Since 30 years ago Hello kitty is an icon for many little girls in the whole world. He became so brilliant that he was named in the agency UNICEF in Japan and also named the tourist ambassador.
His official history starts in 1974 when hello kitty was created originally from his designer Ikaka Shimizu. Shimizu the company a year later, and until know there’s no data about here.

The second designer is Yuko Yamaguchi is in charge in the actual moment.
The character appeared originally from little objects in a present for a little purse and it has made propaganda all over the world.
The named of Hello Kitty surge as an explosion, from the mode Britannic in Japan in those years such thing that the biography of this person, is shows us that he was born in London.
Know starts another possibly related from an adorable character, has made extended urban legends.
The urban legend that in the 70 years to there was a girl that was 14 years old those were in terminal fase of mouth cancer. The doctors had all ready tored up the family’s feelings in the relations ship with the little girls cured. That made the little girls mom, Ikaka Shimizu disappeared he went to all the churches in the neighborhood, but he didn´t make no good results, he begun with a satin, until at last he made a pact with the devil.
They represented the little girls with the devil to cure her daughter; he made a promise to fabric a brand that became famous in the whole world. The devil accomplish his part and the mom did to they made hello kitty.

The word Hello means “hi” in English and the word “kitty” is originally from china it means Demon.
Another curiosity is that Hello kitty has no mouth due to mouth cancer it was the designer’s daughter.

This is the history of a very famous character, since then it’s not documented that’s why it enters the category of an urban legend what true it’s that there’s not a lot of information about the biography about the designers and about his weird desperation from the enterprise a year later.
 Another thing is that satins have tattoos of a Kitty in the skin; they circulate videos about black culture with the image of the kitty (the daughter of the demon).
Help from the demon or not the truth is that his brilliant is unstoppable and the curiosity, the character has made a lot of things with infants.

In 1999 in Hong Kong took place a cruel brutal dead, un that made it become the Hello kitty murder. The popular named of the case arrives the thing that the killers hide their heads of the victims in a doll of a Hello kitty after they decapitated them.

In august of 2007 the Thailand police that had made little infractions like getting later or appeared in not well come zones, they were made to wear bracelets of Hello kitty for a few days as a punishment. Also in that same year a famous narco-trafficker was captured from Colombia, he also has a very important collection of objects like Hello kitty panties he used the image of the Japanese brand, to send messages thru electronic messages.


In 2008 a very big thing took place in Yuanlin, Taiwan, with the logo of Hello kitty with the hope of the popular character will helped the stress calm down. Hello kitty appears in the posters, the decoration of the habitants. The clothes of their bed, the covers of their born certificates an also the nurses uniforms.

If you like some animated character
is good to know about
this one!.

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  1. Kitty in Chinese does NOT mean Demon... Demon in Chinese is Emo... and there is no proof this is all real. I couldn't find no proof of yuko shimizu daughter, yes she has a son and daughter but no pictures, nothing on them. Maybe she wants them to be private, I Don't know. We all should know the real truth if the Urban Legend is true or Just a Hoax.